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Partnering with Ryvit's iPaaS

By: Ryan Crosbie  |  January 5, 2022


Extracker and Ryvit Integration Chart  including Sage 100 Viewpoint logos

Extracker is excited to kick off the new year by partnering with Ryvit and their integrated platform as a service, or iPaaS, which version-forwards dataflow in construction.  The partnership will deliver three new integrations in early 2022 including Sage 100 Contractor,  Viewpoint Spectrum, and Viewpoint Vista.

Extracker's Change Order Communication Platform exists to help the construction industry get extra work processed and closed faster to reduce risk, waste less time, and increase transparency. Being a partner on the Ryvit Integration Network ensures Extracker can securely integrate with companies’ internal systems of record and complete the true end-to-end COR process from sub to GC and GC to owner without ever having to rely on email, excel or carbon copy.

The first integration planned is for Sage 100 Contractor and will include data flow for jobs, cost codes, cost types, and change orders. We are actively accepting inquiries for the early adopter program for the Sage 100 Contractor integration. Successful early adopters will be industry-leading contractors that are already actively leveraging Sage 100 Contractor as their ERP and are pursuing automation to help reduce headaches as they pertain to cumbersome change order processes. 

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Ryan Crosbie
Ryan Crosbie

Ryan runs the mighty marketing team at Extracker. His experience managing growth and marketing at productivity and engineering simulation startups were just stepping stones to the real opportunity: Change Order Communication within the commercial construction industry.

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