By introducing Extracker in five BrandSafway Northern California branches, Area Manager, Bill Yeager, and his team were able to automate their change order process. By leveraging Extrackers Digital COR forms, cloud-based COR log and reporting, they were able to dramatically increase productivity, reduce days aging with customers and make end of month reporting a breeze. 

"For us, Extracker is more than just change order software! It makes change orders and monthly reporting easy and transparent."
- Bill Yeager, BrandSafway Area Manager


Read on to learn how Extracker delivered impressive results for BrandSafway.


Before Extracker, BrandSafway was using a time-consuming, multi-step process for Change Orders. After switching to Extracker,  they now create Change Order Requests in Extracker’s digital template,  automatically email their customers and update COR logs. Submitting revisions is as simple as clicking a button, making edits and automatically distributing the new COR.

Result: 65% time saved per change order.

With Extracker, each COR is created and logged in seconds, saving hours of time documenting and generating CORs. 


Before Extracker, lack of organization on the customers’ end and the back and forth review of Change Orders led to delayed Change Order approvals. With Extracker, BrandSafway clearly communicates CORs directly with their customers. Easy to understand COR templates, a real-time digital COR log shared via a link, and the ability to submit revisions all work together to reduce approval time. 

Result: Reduced outstanding approval time by 30%.

Extracker improves organization with better documentation and faster processing.


Before Extracker, one manager spent a day and a half developing Change Order reports for two BrandSafway Branches. Now Extracker produces these reports with a click of a button. 

Result: 16 hours of administrative savings per month.

"Bottom line – Extracker gets change orders approved faster!"
- Bill Yeager, BrandSafway Area Manager


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