We sat down with Raymond Group’s Vice President and Area Manager, Ray Gilbert, to hear how implementing Extracker reduced the company's Change Order processing time and eliminated unsubmitted T&M tags.

Extracker has saved Raymond’s project teams countless hours each week and protects critical revenue on Change Orders.

  • Faster Change Order processing time and payment
  • More efficient collaboration and communication between project team members
  • Better cost transparency
  • Zero lost revenue from unsubmitted T&M Tags
  • Increased productivity for field staff
  • Better quality documentation and fewer disputes
  • Improved communication with customers

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 11-46-52 AM“Extracker allows us to get our Change Orders processed and billed the same month the work is performed.”

- Ray Gilbert
Vice President & Area Manager
Raymond Group

About Raymond Group

Company: Raymond Group
Company Type: Drywall and Specialty Contractor
Headquarters: Orange, CA

Raymond Group is the sixth largest Drywall and Specialty Contractor in the U.S. Established in 1936, Raymond remains a family-owned company with office locations throughout California and Nevada.

Change order Challenges Before Extracker

Processing time for Change Orders was a challenge prior to the adoption of Extracker. Time and Material (T&M) Tags could sit on jobsites for upwards of four to eight weeks before being submitted as Change Order Requests (CORs). This was because of the cumbersome process of manually completing a tag, chasing down a signature, transporting the tag to the office, compiling pricing and documentation, then submitting the CORs to the GC.

Additionally, COR log updates were done manually and sent via email. “There were tickets falling through the cracks because of the time it took to process them,” Gilbert said. This negatively impacted cash flow because Raymond cannot bill for extra work that had been completed until the Change Order Requests are approved.


Problems solved with extracker


Raymond Case Study page 2

Extracker’s Change Order Communication platform streamlined, digitized and automated Raymond’s Change Order process.

Faster Approvals and Payments

Extracker has also improved COR approval time for Raymond because now, it’s easy to see what CORs are still outstanding. Raymond can easily contact the GC to clarify any issues and move the process along much faster.

“With Extracker, processing Change Orders takes half the time.”

- Jesse Moore, Senior Project Manager

Better Documentation and Fewer Disputes

Previously, Change Order Requests didn’t always have photo documentation attached, which created opportunities for General Contractors to push back on approving the extra work. With Extracker, photos are easily attached. “We’re doing a better job of getting pictures on our tags. Change Orders and trade damage are undeniable when you have the pictures to document it,” Gilbert said. This has led to fewer disputes and more approvals overall.

Increased Productivity in the Field

The field staff loves Extracker because of the hours it saves them each week documenting and submitting T&M Tags. With Extracker, field personnel save time by creating T&M Tags on their mobile devices, attaching photos, and uploading them instantly. Once the Tags are signed, it is out of their hands and in the home office!

Raymond Group’s field personnel seamlessly adopted Extracker’s intuitive, easy-to-use software.

Executive Reporting and Management

From an executive standpoint, the ability to have detailed cost information and supporting documentation is invaluable. “Previously, I would have had to jump between my accounting platform and Excel. With Extracker, it’s all in one spot,” Gilbert said.

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