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Podcast: Bringing Change Orders into the 21st Century

By: McKenzie Evans  |  August 30, 2021


For all the podcast junkies out there, Cameron Page, our CEO, sat down with Robbie Reynolds, Billd’s Director of Business Development, on the Built with Billd construction industry podcast.

In the episode, Cameron and Robbie discuss the origin of Extracker, why contractors should be proactive, how subs can improve their balance sheets, and how Extracker is modernizing change order communication.


What is Billd?

Billd is a payment solution that gives contractors access to funds with terms that mirror their repayment cycle. Contractors can purchase materials upfront with the flexibility of longer terms and confidence of clear, straightforward repayments. Contractors shouldn’t have to miss out on projects due to payment delays.

Billd believes that contractors are the back-bone of our economy and deserve to be treated as such. Their mission is to provide contractors of all sizes access to materials on their own terms so they can take control of their cash flow and grow their business.

5 quick takeaways from the episode

  • Change orders are a constant in the construction industry
  • Change orders carry a hidden cost
  • Communication speeds up change order processing time
  • Change order communication can increase profit
  • Subs and GCs  should proactively maintain better trade partner relationships

Sound Bites

“The change order process is pretty standard in the industry, but how companies actually document change orders and communicate them with their clients is different with almost every single company.” 

“Understanding key control processes when it comes to change orders is an easy way to look for improvements or what you’re doing well.” 

“Coming from the industry I’ve seen the issues with technology adoption, when we designed Extracker we knew that with the nature of the business, if you're a subcontractor or GC, it has to be easy to use. Our software is self-served."

Listen to the episode wherever you get your pods:

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McKenzie Evans
McKenzie Evans

McKenzie joined Extracker's marketing team after receiving her bachelor’s from UC Santa Barbara. She previously worked in the strategic communications field and applies her passion for content, email, and social media marketing to the Extracker team and their awesome customers.

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